Scratch Deli

Open 10-4 M,T,W,F (closed Thursday), weekends 10-5 phone: (206) 257-4554

Front window nook at Scratch Deli

Scratch Deli is proud to offer a space for artists of all kinds to express their talents with the ever growing Seattle community. All proceeds go directly to the artists, as it is important to us that we be a strong platform for budding artists instead of being another bill they have to pay in order for their work to get any exposure. If you are interested in showing your art at Scratch Deli, please email Erika Macias with any examples of your work!


Koe-Zee Embroidery by Olivia Montoya & Kerianne Halpin

Ugly Baby Shower Art by Rosalie Gale

Magnet Art by Robbie Werner Schroeder


Front room wall: Brandon Frosch

instagram: @froschbrandon

Big Stage: Izabeau Giannakopoulos

instagram: @growbybeau

Blue Room: Eli Wolf

instagram: @eliwolff

Around the shop: Emily Stackhouse

Photography for this website was provided by:

Name: Kasaundra Kincaid

Photography for Our Story was provided by:

Name: Liz Houlton

Check out her instagram portfolio: @LizHoultonPhotography

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