Scratch Deli

Open 10-4 M,T,W,F (closed Thursday), weekends 10-5 phone: (206) 257-4554

The Restaurant:

Scratch Deli has been called many things; A piece of "old capitol hill", a "safe spot" , a "magical place". What we strive to be is a sustainably run restaurant that gives the community a warm and inviting place to hang out while eating creative and delicious food. We source our ingredients locally and organically whenever possible with a focus on seasonality. Originally founded as a Food Truck by Ian Thackaberry, Scratch Deli has been at its current location of 1718 12th Ave in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood since July of 2012. In September 2016 the restaurant was purchased and is currently owned by 4 employees, enthusiastic to continue the charm and history of the place. Scratch also serves its community as a theatre space where you will find a long established comedy open mic every Friday night. We are proud to give local artists a place to showcase and sell their work as well.

The Scratch Deli Team

The Team:

Laura Rains has been with Scratch Deli since the beginning, when it was a food truck in a North Seattle parking lot. She helped establish the restaurant's current brick and mortar location on Capitol Hill in July 2012. Laura brings a passion for local organic plant based food to the kitchen and is always looking for new ingredients to play with, her true passion is with fermented foods of all kinds. Laura lives in Kent with her husband Alex, cat Mishto, two bunnies, and five chickens. When not at the deli you will find her playing in her garden or cooking up a storm in her kitchen.

With a budding love for cooking at a young age, Erika Macias began cooking formally at tech college when she was 14 years old and went on to graduate from the Culinary program at the Art Institute of Seattle in 2012. After graduating, she began a new path as a freelance Food Stylist, working for local photographers to create images for packaging and advertisements for large companies around the US. Erika stumbled upon a cooking position at Scratch Deli in 2014 after a couple years of supporting the quirky sandwich shop, and was invited to apply. With a passion for sustainable cooking and an eye for details, she aims to continuously thrive in the kitchen and learn to cook everything! Erika lives happily in West Seattle with her partner in crime Zac and their corgi Waffles.

Brandon Frosch is a Seattle transplant, coming all the way from South Florida. He originally made the trek out to the Northwest in early 2016 for a position in the tech world, but soon discovered Scratch Deli and fell in love with the people and energy that surrounded it. The team was coincidentally looking to hire, allowing him to leave the corporate experiment behind in order to work with food and people he felt passionately about. Brandon's love for food originally comes from his firefighter parents who often experimented with different recipes and encouraged him to do the same. In his free time, Brandon enjoys meandering around Washington and drawing strange cartoons.

Daniel O'Connell moved to Seattle in 2012 to do Stand Up Comedy. The second open mic he went to was at Scratch (then the People's Republic of Koffee). He was struck by how wonderful the space was, and distinctly remembers staring out the front door at the Space Needle and feeling for the first time that he had made the right choice in moving. In addition to constantly going to the open mic, in 2013 he started doing The Tiny Baby Talk Show*, and over the next 2 years Scratch became the place he considered home. In 2015 he got brought on as an employee. More stuff happened and more time passed and now he's writing this bio, fully one quarter of a small business owner. While lacking a background in food, he is a fan of deliciousness and is constantly blown away by what his cohorts come up with. He loves Scratch more than just about anything else. He considers himself a skeptic, but damn it if this building doesn't have a magic to it.

*Look up the Tiny Baby Talk Show on Youtube, start with Season 2 Episode 1, it's not a talk show and it has nothing to do with babies of any size, but it's good as hell.

The Scratch Deli Team goofing around, as per usual.

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